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On Sep 10, 1:47 am, Elena wrote:
> On Aug 30, 12:11 pm, Xah Lee wrote:
> > Maltronkeyboardwith Dvoraklayout.
> > One problem Maltron never appealed to me is because thekeyboardis
> > quite ugly.
> Did you know about the Maltron executive?
> http://www.maltron.com/maltron-kbd-flat.html
> To me it looks quite slick.

yeah. Though, i always thought that's kinda gimmicky. I think people complain about Maltron's ugliness, so they came up with that. But, creating such a flat, modern sleek looking keyboard, am guessing it also threw out much of its ergonomic advantage.

i can't imagine feeling comfortable placing my wrists on those huge glass panels, even though the wrist is not supposed to rest on something when typing...

> Beware that AFAIK Maltrons use the Cherry "black" switches, which are
> not loved by keyboard geeks.
> > Also am not sure why they have to invent the Maltronlayoutsince dvorak is already there, perhaps due to patent issues of
> > the time.
> Maybe.  However, it's more likely that having extra keys available and
> aid of computers prompted them to take the challenge.  Indeed, the
> Maltron layout proves to be superior to Dvorak:
> http://www.maltron.com/recognitia/script.html

am not sure about that, especially that being the company's brochure.

> > Programmer Dvorak
> > Programmer Dvorak is just like Dvorak, except that it inverted the
> > number row with symbols and re-arranged the symbols. http://www.kaufmann.no/roland/dvorak/
> >  ~%7531 90246 8`
> >  $&[{}( =*)+] !#
> >   ',.py fgcrl /=\
> >   aoeui dhtns -
> >   ;qjkx bmwvz
> You have swapped ' and ;.

oh, thanks a lot for the correction. Corrected and put credit to you.

interesting. Didn't realize that he swapped the ' and ;.

am not sure why he swapped it.

I think the qwerty's z is a easier key than qwerty's q. For programing, i think ; happens more frequently than '.

So, his swapping is illogical to my assumptions.

(i remember reading that from dvorak's studies, the top row is better than the bottom row, but i've never seen the actual figures that indicate each key's ease that he might have created. In anycase, on the pinky, i am not sure the top row is still better than bottom, and if so, perhaps only marginally so. For me personally, the qwerty z is certainly easier than q.)

... in general, i think almost each these layouts are created by one invidual programer, and when looked in detail, some of their choices don't stand to scientific scrutiny.

though, i'll have to say from what i've read, colemak is pretty good.


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