what emacs mode do you use

On Sep 3, 8:58 am, Bernd wrote:
> Hello,
> I will do a presentation about Emacs and I would like to know what is
> your favorite / often used  emacs-modus / feature / ...
> I mainly use:
> slime        for common lisp coding
> eldoc        for emacs lisp coding
> erc          for irc
> gnus         for news
> calendar
> org-mode     to-do lists    
> auctex       editing tex (ispell)
> maxima-mode  computer algebra
> octave-mode  matlab clone
> hexl         analysing binary files
> csv          csv-file viewing
> cvs/svn/git  version control of sources
> vc-annotate  local version recover
> ediff        merging sources
> outline      chapter organisation of code
> hide-show    hiding parts of code
> collections: goodies.el
> Do you know of funny emacs cartoons / videos / ...?

here are the ones i use most often:

• ergoemacs-mode (a ergonomics based keybinding)

• dired (called every few minutes)

• html-mode and css-mode (about 50% of the time i'm in emacs)

(with huge number of custome functions
see the 5 html cust files here

• calc
(called few times a day)

• calendar
(called few times a day)

• abbrev-mode
(about 70 abbrevs)

• aliases (about 100 aliases. typically all are just 1 to 3 letters)

• yasnippet (heavily used for html and elisp and lsl)

• org-mode (daily working revolve around this todo list and quick notes)

• bookmark. (every few minutes)

• shell (i tend to use shell-command much more often, but shell gets started few times a day)

• language modes. (depending on which month i'm working on what project, that mode gets heavy use... e.g. whole day in the mode)

emacs-lisp-mode (daily for the past 3 or more years)
nxml-mode (daily)
perl, python (daily, but mostly just to run my existing scripts. haven't been coding them for past 2 or 3 years)
php, ocaml, javascript (not used much in recent years)
xlsl-mode (weekly)
xahk-mode (daily)
xub-mode (unicode browser) (weekly in recent months)

if we go by statistics, in a month period i probably call 20 or more modes... but the above probably covered what i used last week.

ps if you use outline-mode, you might consider switching to org-mode. It is pretty much a compatible replacement.

> Do you know of funny emacs cartoons / videos / ...?

Xah ∑ http://xahlee.org/ ☄

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