Apple is deprecating Java!


On Oct 21, 2:17 pm, Arne Vajhøj wrote:
> > possibly is goes to being more like Windows:
> > people use the Sun/Oracle implementation, rather than a native version
> > provided by the OS vendor.
> Could be.
> If Oracle wants to.
> Technically it would not be a big problem given that OpenJDK
> BSD port builds on MacOS X!
> But that does not guarantee that the business case will be
> good.
> > MS essentially killed off their own Java implementation as well, and no one
> > noticed.
> A lot of people noticed when applets stopped working
> on a newly installed Windows.
> And it was not voluntarily.
> So not that good an analogy.

and remember when java started, Sun pitches it to be the revolution of
the web, where, every webpage will be dynamic with java applet. So in
late 1990s, huge amount of toy applets showed up, but since dot com bubble,
these just waned, Flash and js took over. Sun did a bunch of idiotic
things like started to have some java web start, a bunch of scripting
langs in java like groovy n beenshell stuff , javaFX (another jargon
shit), but tooo little tooo late. n what's that java markup lang? ah
JSP. I used it in 2000. incredibly idiotic.

Java pretty much moved very early to server market. Originally it is intended to be a lang for embedded devices... is it much used there?

actually am too out of touch here. The only thing i know is that Google use it heavily for their entire web apps. Who uses java besides Google? and for what? I can just remember Steve Jobs saying “Nobody uses Java anymore”. and That was in 2007.

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