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Kenneth Tilton writes:
> Plus a question: best IRC Client for Ubuntu?

Pascal J. Bourguignon wrote:
> Of course, it all depends on the definition of 'best', but for a
> lisp programmer, which on a newsgroup like cll, it is the assumed
> context, only an emacs irc client can be the best, since it allows you
> to interact on irc with the lowest overhead and context switch cost.

actually, emacs rcirc consumes more resource than a dedicate GUI
one the Colloquy. This was my experienc from about 2005 to 2008 on mac os x
10.4. But also, emacs rcirc just flatly lost out on so many features when compared to Colloquy.

i haven't used irc for like 3 years, but here's what i recall:

• emacs one doesn't auto connect when there's network disruption (very common with wireless)

• emacs rcirc does not notify you if someone mentions your name. (you have to install some external mac growler extra, but even still, it sucks.)

some of these can be fixed but that usually means you spend few hours to dig lisp code and result is usually not satisfactory. There's also erc...

... quite few others. The only thing i like is that it's integrated. That i can easily swicch to any buffer and do copy/paste or call any lisp function such as insert date, link, or use my existing abbrevs and unicode insertion etc.

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