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> >> Would it be right to say that the only Lisp still in common use is the
> >> Elisp built into Emacs?
> > There is a new version of Lisp called Clojure that runs on the Java
> > Virtual Machine (JVM) that is on the upswing.
> Now is not exactly a good time to build new systems crucially dependent on
> the continuing good health of Java though, is it?

java's been receiving shit in recent years... Sun went belly up, Apple bans it, Oracle sues... but one thing to note that it is currently the most popular lang, or top 3, among C, C++. And java is certainly better than these 2. Sad to know, but java, along with its jvm, is likely to be with us for a while.

btw, interesting to know that the landoflisp site mentioned Common Lisp, Scheme lisp, clojure, arc lisp, and emacs lisp in the vid too, but didn't newLisp or Qi lisp.

here's my fav part of the comics

Conrad is certainly a fervent lisp lover. ( as is Peter Seibel http://www.gigamonkeys.com/book/ ) Conrad is also a comics artist. The landoflisp is going all over on twitter yesterday and apparantly many already ordered it. Hope he does very well.



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