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> Isaiah Gilliland writes:
> > Lisp definitely needs a badass logo. It's not really marketing it's
> > like a flag. Something visual that everybody can bond together over
> > and paste on forums/get tattooed. A cool logo helps newcomers too,
> > because seeing the code doesn't lol. I remember first looking at CL
> > code when I was just interested, got some vertigo and had to stop haha.
> It has.  http://www.lisperati.com/logo.html

my fav is this classic

• 〈LISP Logo〉

another is:

• 〈Qi Language Logo〉

but i think Mark (Tarver) is really a bad marketer. Qi could be great but it's barely heard.

Mark started to use the logo in their online forum about a couple years ago:

but it really needs to go onto its home page:

(btw, the home page is badly designed. Just compare it to

the few times i chatted to Mark (hi Mark), i recall the impression i got from him is “i don't know where to use the logo”. About a year later he used it on the Qi forum and told me about it, which is fantastic and am very happy. But the most obvious place is the home page, and any publication associated with the lang. I mean, that's what logo is for.

i couldn't understand it. At first i thought maybe he doesn't really want to associate Qi with logo from a “troll”. But apparantly he does like it and would use it on the forum.

a few times in the past couple years i had the pleasure to browser some of his essays.


look at that war time photo, and a bunch of quite personal essays such as “why i'm not a professor”, linked directly from the front page. That really puts a dent on public image.

That needs to go. Perhaps to his personal site with a different domain. Or, actually, Qi should have its own domain, qilang.org or qilisp.org.

By the few essays i've read, he designed Qi because he wanted to revive lisp, and bring it head to head to modern functional langs such as ML/Haskell, and wish it wide-spread. By his analysis, he thought the first step in in academia. So, in that respect he is not like some other lang creators who take the attitude of “i did it purely for myself and couldn't careless anyone else uses it”.

I think Qi could be a great fix or improvement to Common Lisp. You know, other new lisps (Clojure, newLISP, Arc, Racket) are all not Common Lisp, and they are all doing good jobs in bringing wide awareness of lisp (Clojure being concurrency & JVM, newLISP for good scripting, Arc by Paul's fame (focusing on web app i think), Racket by PLT Scheme's established community and now a new name). Only Qi, takes lisp to a new level in a CL compatible way, only if the marketing could be improved a bit and if CL people would be more supportive.

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