is there povray lang without rendering?

On Nov 7, 5:48 am, namekuseijin wrote:
> On 6 nov, 13:50, Xah Lee wrote:
> > i think povray was geek love about 15 years ago. I think it's dead
> > since mid 2000s.
> > In the 1990s or perhaps 1980s, it used to be that every self-
> > respecting coder would know about POV-Ray. Today, i don't think most
> > “hackers” know what it is. But they probably have heard of Blender and
> > Gimp for sure.
> yes, but you can't "code" in those with the same ease as with pov's
> SDL.

i've been wondering about that. Specifically, for my needs, i really need a lang like povray that lets me program (say in python) to generate the povray sphere box lighting etc positions and sizes, to generate a picture. Usually for math illustration purposes.

• 〈Illustrating Geometry with POV-Ray〉

however, for my need i don't really need realism rendering alone with its waiting for the picture.

also, i really want real-time viewing and animation than static images. (see http://xahlee.org/3d/viz.html )

so, in past few years, i've been somewhat looking. Am pretty sure these days Blender or perhaps others has scripting that that really does what i need much better that POV-Ray. That is, a language that describe geometry primitives that can be rendered, but i don't really need fancy rendering like ray-tracing, but more or less just projection and dynamic interaction....

for example, let's say i have a sphere of radius 1 at position {2,3,4} and a box of side length 1 ot {2.5,2, 2}. Then, suppose my camera (view point) is at {-1,3,2} looking in the direction of origin.

all i want, is to have this rendered into a image. But i don't need realistic rendering. I rather have instantaneous rendering even with just outline, and say once it's created in blender, i can rotate or change view point in real time.

is this possible with blender?

for example, here's POV-Ray rendering:


showing some properties of conics. Really nice. But often all i need are these:


i tried to learn blender but it's quite complex.

btw, i HAVE spent many hours reading about Blender. I know it has scripting lang (it uses python) and i know it even have a game engine built in (meaning: real-time animation and physics engine even, particle systems etc. But i think the project is still much beta and no doc).

My question is, those who blender experience, whether blender could practically be used like POV-Ray since i don't really need POV-Ray's rendering but need all the blender's interactivity etc features.


 It's the difference between having a DSL and having a general-
> purpose language with lib calls.  Makes quite a difference, specially
> for stuff like this:
> http://local.wasp.uwa.edu.au/~pbourke/exhibition/scc4/final/
> its newsgroups still is very much alive though, specially off-topic.

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