svn: local edit, incoming delete upon update


when i do a “svn status .”, i get this:

! C auto-complete-config.elc
> local edit, incoming delete upon update
! + C auto-complete.elc
> local edit, incoming delete upon update
! + C popup.elc
> local edit, incoming delete upon update
! + C fuzzy.elc
> local edit, incoming delete upon update

basically, these files shouldn't be in the repository. A developer has removed them. Then, i think i did a “svn rm ...” after the fact by mistake (should've done “svn update .” instead).

So now, when i do “svn status .”, i get these tree conflict messages.

I found the doc here http://tortoisesvn.net/docs/release/TortoiseSVN_en/tsvn-dug-conflicts.html
but not sure how to “merge” it according to the doc.

how to get rid of them?

i think my working copy is in sync with the repository. Don't know why these messages shows. These files should be removed and are removed as far as i know everywhere. I tried “svn update .” and “svn revert .” but i still get this message when i do “svn status .”.


On Nov 30, 3:57 pm, David Capello wrote:
> Hi Xah, maybe you can do
> svn revert auto-complete-config.elc
> svn revert auto-complete.elc
> svn revert popup.elc
> svn revert fuzzy.elc
> inside the auto-complete directory. And
> then svn update

i tried
svn revert .
before but that didn't work. Haven't tried revert on each file.

someone on stackoverflow
suggested this:

svn resolve --accept working

but that didn't work for me neither. I think maybe i did some combination of “svn rm” or delete the file in my working copy manually or something that screwed up the tree data.

in the end i just deleted the parent dir and did a update. That solves it. A simple solution i haven't thought of before.

thanks David.


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