why use special unicode chars

From: Xah Lee
Date: Oct 18, 3:29 am
Subject: What's List Comprehension and Why is it Harmful?
To: comp.lang.lisp, comp.lang.scheme, comp.lang.functional

On Oct 18, 3:03 am, Marc Mientki wrote:

> Am 18.10.2010 11:59, schriebXahLee:

> > On Oct 18, 2:34 am, Marc Mientki  wrote:
> >> One question: why contain your pages always this junk? (red marked):
> >>    http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/7618/xahleehtmljunk.jpg

> >> regards
> >> Marc

> > ug. what browser + OS are you using?

> Firefox 3.6.10 on windows XP + SP3.

> > those are unicode 「」

> Is there need for unicode for such trivial things like {[]}?

short story is no but am a unicode geek :)

long story is... i need a way to quote code...  the corner bracket was
choosen because it's standard chinese punctuation thus almost all
computer today bought in the past 5 years can display it, and because
it's different than ascii so it avoids ambiguity and complications.
e.g. when the quoted text also contains the char that you use for

thanks for your info. I'll think about removing them...

the other thing is that those markers are very useful when you think
about info processing and automation. e.g. in the future i can
trivially write a script list all inline code i have on my site, or to
htmlize/css all quoted code. e.g.

• 〈Unix Shell Text Processing Tutorial (grep, cat, awk, sort, uniq)〉

in that page, does the char show up correctly? The chars are not in
the html text, but is added by CSS due to markup. And the code are all
colored red.

PS: the most popular example of studious use of quoting in a tech doc
is emacs manual or any manual from FSF. e.g.

• 〈Constant-Variables〉

but however, they use ascii hack of the 1970s, e.g. like `this' and

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