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On Dec 3, 9:16 pm, small Pox wrote:
> Xah Lee writes good articles. She has a helpful attitude. Do you want
> her to become so financially dependent like that innocent looking
> rabbit teeth Adelyn Lee so she become a prostitute of Larry Ellis
> Islander who has gobbled up Sun, mysql, cray and so many software and
> hardware companies to make the largest and possibly going to be a most
> evil monopoly on earth ?


interesting mention about Adelyn Lee.

I looked up,

〈Woman Who Accused Oracle Chief Guilty of Perjury〉 January 29, 1997, By Benjamin Pimentel, Chronicle Peninsula Bureau. SFGate Articles.
〔 http://articles.sfgate.com/1997-01-29/news/17741019_1_mr-ellison-adelyn-lee-e-mail 〕


«A San Mateo woman accused of forging e-mail to sue Oracle Corp. was found guilty yesterday of perjury and falsification of evidence.»

«Adelyn Lee, a 33-year-old former girlfriend of Oracle Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison, was convicted by a San Mateo County jury, ending a Silicon Valley soap opera that revealed some of the inner workings of the world's second-largest software company. »

«In 1995, Lee won a $100,000 settlement of a wrongful termination suit in which she claimed that she was fired from her job as an executive assistant after she refused to have sex with Ellison. »

interesting. Yeah, the 1990s, everything is sexual harassment.

it so happpens, i have a story to tell as well. I was officially accused of sexual harassment in around 2000 while working at Netopia. The whole case is ridiculous. The woman who accused me, was romantically interested in me. She's got some personal psychological problems. We both are sys admins (but i also do dev). She lives and work at the Kansas branch, while i work in California. Once or twice a year, the company has her flew over for business, typically lasting just a day. I'm not her superior or vice versa. Our relationship started when she started to IM me and got me to use AOL. The AOL chat is kinda used for business discussions as well, since it's just convenient, and apparantly it became popular in the company. (remember, this is 1999.) When she came over, i think the second time, then later, she filed a sexual harassment to Netopia. (i didn't even know before) We did not sleep together. The closest physical contact might be holding hands, which, i don't remember we actually did. All i know after the whole thing is that she's got some kinda love hang-over.

At the end, they (the human resource woman who handles this) ask me to sign a paper, which, if i recall correctly, basically want me to admit some wrong doing or something like that. I do not agree to it, i refused to sign. And that basically is the end of it. She quit or was fired sometimes later on (don't think it has anything to do with this). I was laid off in 2002. (Netopia got bought by Motorola in ~2005)

I may write up a blog, with full disclosure of all documents of the case and emails sometimes later.


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  1. And I find it reprehensible to use Ms. Lee's 14 year old case to draw traffic to your site. How would you feel if someone brought up something out of your past just for the sake of SEO optimization (not that it would rank very high.) She paid a debt to society and is an upstanding citizen today. No need to cast aspersions of someone's past mistakes!