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> Don Geddis writes:
> > Xah Lee wrote on Sun, 10 Apr 2011:
> >> my parents are abusive fuckheads.
> > [...]
> >> Perhaps, it's also why i'm this way.
> > Ah! ?An explanation, at last.
> But not an excuse. ?He has a brain to compensate.

intelligence does not compensate for mental “illness”, personality disorder, trauma, or the like.

you can look at people with High IQ, and suicide rate, or psychological problems. They don't correlate.

as a human animal, there is certain psychological need, just as food is a physical need. Intelligence helps thinking, but that does little to grow or mend psychologically oriented problems.

i've put tremendous effort in my 20s and 30s to become a pure emotionless and logical being, pretty much as Mr Data or Spock in Star Trek. And as a person with mild so-called schizoid personality, i'm already far more emotionally removed than the general populace, even more so than most hard core programers, engineers, scientist types. (some say i have autism or Asperger syndrome, but between these and schizoid i'm not quite sure which or both)

in my interest in these things, one realization is that human animal isn't just a machine albeit made of meat, but psychological issues changes/damages your brain's wiring or chemical makeup in physics ways that even with intact high IQ your thinking pattern or emotional response will be changed in irreparable ways. e.g. easy way to see this is to imagine trauma victims. (or, you can think of the fictional Joker & Batman for illustration. Both are highly intelligent, but got psy problems. lol)

so, for much of my life, my quest of becoming a pure emotionless thinking machine using intelligence and logic is misguided and ultimately doomed to fail. In summary, the human animal, its behavior, thinking, is not and can not be controlled by pure will out of thinking.

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back to computer science... you know there's theories that when a computer gets sufficiently complex to approach Strong AI, it will develop emotion (which we perceive as negative), e.g. fear, love, incisiveness, etc, that these are so-called emergent phenomenon.

as to the question of whether machines will ever become sentient or achieve strong AI... i kinda think yes, because i think that if you don't believe some concept of soul or inherent spirit with a human animal, then it's just a machine, albeit made of meat, governed by physics. As such, artificial machines may one day be made in ways like the meat machine of human animal. (and then we have cloning tech on the horizon... which gets equally interesting on the question of sentience, identity, soul.)


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