emacs: Alan, lsl-mode


Xah wrote:
> 〈Xah's Linden Scripting Language (LSL) Tutorial〉
> http://xahlee.org/sl/ls.html
> if you take a survey, i think 99% professional programers wouldn't
> know what the shit ^L is.

Alan wrote:
> I'm sure a much greater proportion of professional programmers, my colleagues,
> know this.

emacs cult victim Alan, i'm so prescient, i anticipated ur idiocy. See this sentence in my previous post:

Xah wrote:
> (Xah's edu corner: professional programer means those who
> makes a living mostly by coding; it doesn't mean your
> hacker buddies or those who slave in comp.lang
> newsgroup).


Xah wrote:
> here's my LSL tutorial Alan. You might browse it sometimes.
> 〈Xah's Linden Scripting Language (LSL) Tutorial〉
> http://xahlee.org/sl/ls.html

Alan wrote:
> Then again, perhaps not. I've no interest in Second Life.

remember you asked what's the problem being old? The above is a example.

> Have you written an Emacs mode for LSL?

i dunno if you really don't know, or just trying to get me to post my links.
Any idiot who spent 30 secs on the above link will see this link:

〈Emacs LSL Mode (xlsl-mode) for Linden Scripting Language〉

and it's written from scratch baby, not based on some other mode.


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