xah lee abusive parents; the free lunch of morality


On Apr 8, 7:06 pm, des...@verizon.net wrote:
> Xah Lee writes:
> > G*****n m+++++++++++g emacs undo.
> Xah, didn't your mom ever wash your mouth out with soap?
> Everyone should experience that at least once, the world
> would be a better place.

my parents are abusive fuckheads. In today's USA, it is legally a crime, especially in California. I wish them both dead. (rather rhetorically speaking, because they dead doesn't do me any good. Rather, i wish my story be known, and any of those moral or kind fuckheads who keep insistiing the notion of “you should always love your parents”, or “parents are always good”, should be tortured. (can't blame them, because abusive parents are rather rare. However, there's a minority of ignorant fuckheads who think themselves as “good or loving” people, who perpetuate the harm. Typically the rich and fat and comfortable who never suffered or understood pain, hunger, war) It is these kinda fuckheads, do society bad.

Perhaps, it's also why i'm this way.


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