keyboard: use of numerical keypad


On Jun 13, 6:45 pm, Gregory Ewing wrote:
> Chris Angelico wrote:
> > And did any of the studies take into account the fact that a lot of
> > computer users - in all but the purest data entry tasks - will use a
> > mouse as well as a keyboard?
> What I think's really stupid is designing keyboards with two
> big blocks of keys between the alphabetic keys and the mouse.
> Back when standard-grade keyboards didn't usually have a
> built-in numeric keypad, it was much easier to move one's
> right hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse.
> Nowadays I find myself perpetually prone to off-by-one errors
> when moving back to the keyboard. :-(

numerical keypad is useful to many. Most people can't touch type. Even for touch typist, many doesn't do the number keys. So, when they need to type credit card number, phone number, etc, they go for the number pad. Also, i think the number pad esentially have become a calculator for vast majority of computer users. These days, almost all keyboard from Microsoft or Logitech has a Calculator button near the number pad to launch it.

i myself, am a qwerty typist since ~1987, also worked as data entry clerk for a couple of years. Am a dvorak touch typist since 1994. (and emacs since 1997) However, i never learned touch type the numbers on the main section till i think ~2005. I used to always just move my hand to the number pad when i need to type a phone number. Since about 2008, the numerical keypad is now used as extra function keys.


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