programing: monad in emacs

On Jun 3, 5:19 am, jvt wrote:
> On Jun 2, 6:44 am, Xah Lee wrote:
> > On May 30, 10:30 am, jvt wrote:
> > > Hi cll -
> > > …
> > > I'd worry about spamming the list serve with my own content except Xah
> > > Lee is always posting his crazy blog posts, so I guess its ok?
> > i guess i'm honored. It's great of u to peddle ur stuff at the expense
> > of my name.
> > perhaps you seek a lil constructive advice from me: if you think your
> > stuff is useful, feel free to post here, without feeling guilty and
> > needing to find scapegoat as excuse.
> > and now you should thank me too, because i've contributed to your
> > advertisement.
> > long live the spirit of newsgroup.
> >  Xah
> The jab was entirely good natured, Xah.  I actually enjoy your posts,
> for the most part.

Wee! I figured if the pesky Pascal J B would praise a article, it must be worthwhile.

〈Deep Emacs Lisp Part 1 (Basically, a Monad Tutorial)〉, (2011-04-09) by JVT. @ http://dorophone.blogspot.com/2011/04/deep-emacs-part-1.html

btw, is there a subscribe button on your blog? Blogger is annoying in that by default they have subscribe button to comments but not the blog. (one can subscribe in Google Reader just by plain blog site's url, but still, a explicit rss button would be better)

i'll be reading your article soon and perhaps blog about it on my blog and maybe give some feedback.

PS it annoys me to no end when one cannot easily find the name of the author on blogs, when the blog author clearly didn't meant to be anonymous. Is there a reason you didn't want it spelled it out?

(i despise hacker culture, where these “hackers” idiotic-namesake prefer to go by “handles” or abbrevs (e.g. “RMS”, “ESR”, “JWZ”) or whatnot insider-fashion fuck. But that's just me.)


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