how to revive comp.lang.lisp

On Jan 13, 12:57 pm, Kaz Kylheku wrote: …

i'll tell u how to revive comp.lang.lisp. If all you follow it, i can guaranteed that comp.lang.lisp will revive immediately!

• all of you, switch to
as your newsgroup viewer, immediately.

• Stop your fucking bottom post. In fact, don't even quote the message. If you do want to quote, quote no more than one single sentence. And don't use the fucking “> ”.

• electric shock yourself whenever you felt a urge to bitch about how other is top/bottom posting, or whether he truncated lines, or whether he used unicode.

• if you have sympathy towards the cause of eternal-septmber.org, ask a neuro-surgeon to cut off the part of your brain that spawn such sympathy.

• use real names.

• add profile info, put a profile picture of yourself (and, not picture of some fucking planet, drawings, or batman.). e.g. fill info about your gender, age, code/job experience, etc. (ommit them only if you really want)

• add other link/contact info, such as your facebook, g+, twitter, blog, linkedin, stackoverflow, etc, if you have one.

yeah, let's make the world a better place. There's a cure for tech geeking. Follow me!


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